My Tips and Tricks When the Lightning Strikes

I have always been fascinated by the raw power of nature, and I understand the allure of thunderstorms, especially the strikes of lightning. Electricity. Power.

Sure, I’m amazed, but I also remember that lightning storms pose a serious threat. So, I’ll share tips and tricks that I’ve learned to keep you safe from the dangers of lightning storms.

It’s mesmerizing, but it’s also important to understand the science behind it. Lightning is a discharge of electricity that occurs within a thundercloud. It can take various forms, such as cloud-to-ground, intra-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud lightning.

1. Check the Forecast

Before leaving the house on any outdoor adventure, I’ve made it a habit to check the weather forecast. Numerous weather apps and websites provide real-time storm information. Do keep in mind that knowing what’s coming can help you make informed decisions about your plans.

2. Seek Shelter Early

One summer evening, I was hiking in the mountains when storm clouds suddenly rolled in. Remember, the best place to be during a lightning storm is indoors or in a fully enclosed vehicle. If you can’t reach shelter, avoid open fields, hilltops, and bodies of water.

One trick I’ve learned is to use the “30-30 rule.” Count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder. If the time is less than 30 seconds, seek shelter and wait 30 minutes after the last observed lightning before resuming outdoor activities.

I also noticed that tall, isolated trees can act as lightning magnets. Instead, seek out lower areas, like valleys, and stay away from anything that stands tall and alone.

3. Unplug

I always unplug electronics and avoid using water-related appliances during a storm. Lightning can travel through wiring and plumbing, potentially causing harm. Staying away from windows and doors is also a good idea to prevent any flying debris.

I also learned firsthand how dangerous water can be during a storm. Lightning can strike water and travel along its surface. As for metal objects, they’re excellent conductors of electricity. Stay away from metal fences, golf clubs, and umbrellas.

4. Be Prepared

Although rare, lightning strikes can cause serious injuries. If someone is struck, call for medical help immediately and perform CPR if needed. Every second counts in an emergency.

In the face of nature’s might, staying safe during a lightning storm is a must. So, by remembering the following these tips and tricks, you can significantly reduce the risks brought by lightning.

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