Three things I have learned after Hurricane Idalia – 2023

My friends from Florida are still picking up the pieces from Hurricane Idalia, and it might be days, if not weeks, before they, along with authorities, residents, and insurers, have a clear picture of the damage caused by the storm. Nonetheless, we can already see three valuable lessons that Florida, and all the other states, … Read more

My Car Has Been Flooded – What Should I Do?

Hurricane Idalia, like many other natural disasters, has brought devastating consequences to affected areas, leaving homes and vehicles submerged in floodwaters. One of the most significant challenges following such an event is dealing with flood-damaged vehicles. If your car has been submerged or partially flooded during the storm, you need to take immediate action to … Read more

Unfortunate Timing of Blue Supermoon and Hurricane Idalia – August 30, 2023

A rare blue supermoon could raise tides above normal just as Hurricane Idalia takes aim at Florida’s west coast, exacerbating flooding from the storm. The moon will be closest to the Earth on Wednesday, the same day Idalia is expected to make landfall in Florida. While a supermoon can make for a spectacular backdrop in … Read more

9 Things to Remember Before Hurricane Idalia Strikes

Idalia strengthened into a hurricane early Tuesday and is forecast to intensify quickly into an extremely dangerous major hurricane before making landfall over Florida’s Gulf Coast Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center says.  Its path is expected to impact a wide central portion of the state, including cities such as Tampa and Orlando. It’s likely to … Read more

The Benefits of Paracord – And Why You Should Get One For Survival

I wanted to talk to you about paracord, the nylon cord that’s versatile and comes with a whole bunch of uses and benefits. Seriously, I think it’s a must-have for preppers and, honestly, just about anyone. For me, it’s like the duct tape of cords. The legit stuff contains seven tough nylon cords within it. … Read more

Why does my BOTTLED WATER taste like plastic during summer? Alternatives here.

bottled water plastic car john reagan reviews

The heat is beating us, and bottled waters especially when going outside is a must. Now, when traveling, how many of you drove around with plastic water bottles in your car? I’m sure there’s a lot. If you do this, you may notice that bottled water tastes like plastic after a while. So today, we’re … Read more

Is ‘Fear’ Motivating You to Prepare? Change Your Mindset to THIS.

Are you someone who finds motivation in fear when it comes to prepping and being prepared? Well, I’ve been down that road too. Over the years of sharing my preparedness, I’ve definitely delved into topics that tap into fear to get folks motivated about preparedness. But you know, I’ve realized that there’s more to it … Read more

My Power Outage Survival Guide – What You NEED to Prepare for BLACKOUTS

As someone who has experienced a fair share of power outages, I understand how stressful and challenging they can be. I’ve put together this power outage survival guide to help you be prepared for any unexpected blackout. Whether it’s due to severe weather, equipment failure, or any other reason, having a well-thought-out plan can make … Read more